These are the things I’ve got on rotation or refer back to often enough. The last few years have brought a deluge of information online, so I try not to worry about reading and listening to everything I see. I have found sustenance from some of these resources and the people who created them. I’ll keep adding to it occasionally. 

Interdependence Podcast with Holly Herndon and Matt Dryhurst
    This ongoing podcast series has been wide ranging and relevant to contemporary cultural theory. I particularly enjoyed the headless brands episode and the club economy episode.

Segments of the podcast are available for free through most normal channels, but you can support their Patreon for full epidodes.

Solidarity Not Charity: Mutual Aid for Mobilisation and Survival
    An article written by Dean Spade and published in Social Text 142 (Volume 38, No. 1) which contextualises mutual aid practices within the current global pandemic. They extended this article into a short book published earlier this year entitled Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (And The Next), and it’s currently (Oct ‘20) a fiver over on the Verso site.

A Letter to RA and the rest of the UK music press
Measured: the scale of ignorance
    A two-part investigative piece by Roshan Chauhan investigating the erasure of Black artists in the media coverage of UK club culture, notably the visibility of the deep tech community, and the negated influence of UK Funky. Includes insight into possible actions within grassroots and institutional spaces. 

    He’s also a producer, with Will I Make The Turn? the inaugural release on Negative Space [MA] back in 2018.

Simon Reynolds on the Hardcore Continuum
    A collection of seven essays written in The Wire magazine in which Simon Reynolds ascertains the various interconnected schools of dance music that have emerged since the 1980s; something he establishes as the Hardcore Continuum, a framing tool for understanding club culture.

    DJ Persuasion has recorded a great History of Hardcore mix series showcasing some of the 90’s dance movements, which by no means encompass everything, but are a great place to start.

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