Transport 4 Lovers

Melodic Distraction
August 2019 - August 2020

Transport For Lovers is a momentary trip out of the monotonous urban sprawl with emotionally driven tracks that hold space for reflection. Vocal pieces, evocative chords and abstract samples bounce off murky and abrasive percussion leaving you a little more grounded and ready.

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Demdike Stare – Haxan Dub
Boof – In The Building
Zara McFarlane – Run Of Your Life
Will Lister – Static Under
Pink Industry – Pain of Pride
Moon – Buggin’ (Lost Art Launch)
BFTT – Suchblush
Laurel Halo – Aquatic
Everett – Scrapheap Gloop
Iceboy Violet – I Got U (Lil Durk)
Darkstar – Text

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