The thought here, is that if I make a segment for writing having previously written very little, it will encourage me to actually work harder at this and get some words down on the page.

There’s a couple of articles and pieces below as well as a handful of interviews I’ve been involved in.

Five Years Spinnin’
Melodic Distraction 

A piece looking back at the earliest form of radio at Melodic Distraction, and some of the events that brought the studio and the team where it is today.

Backtracks - Forgemasters: Track With No Name
Melodic Distraction 

Part of a series that examines the defining music throughout recent history. My piece focused on the first Warp Records release, Track With No Name by Forgemastes, which arguably kickstarted the bleep techno movement in the North of England from the late 1980’s.

In Conversation With...
Melodic Distraction

I find interviews challenging - I don’t like the call and response approach, but then I find it far too easy to build tenuous narrative links if I edit and select what is said. I reckon they should be incorporated into a wider piece connecting the person to a place, space or movement. Hopefully that will be come with time, but for now, these folks are all super talented and I’ve been fortunate enough to tap into their head space over the last few years.  

These included; Josey Rebelle, Medlar, Al Zanders, James Perri, Ilija Rudman and Glenn Davis

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