As a dyamic archive of music and discussion, local and internet-based radio stations hold a special place, for me, in contemporary culture. The studio, wherever it may be, can be a space for experimentation, collaboration and human interaction.

Credit: Melodic Distraction

Operating under the Caustic Soda moniker, recent radio projects have been hosted on Melodic Distraction. Occasionally focused and often haphazard, the one-hour show has been a space to explore the contemporary urban experience through contemplative rhythmns and stark sounds. 

Previous projects on the station include:

Transport 4 Lovers, a monthly radio series playing club-focused music informed by the urban sprawl. Visual identity by Chris Cooper.

Better Days, a late-morning radio show taking place on the fourth Sunday of the month. Often comforting, sometimes not, the radio series was my first long-term project. Visual identity by Chris Cooper.

Guest appearances on NTS Radio, Rinse FM, Netil Radio and UK Mondo.

I previously held the position of Studio Manager between 2017 and 2018 for Melodic Distraction.

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