As a dyamic archive of music and discussion, local and internet-based radio stations hold a special place, for me, in contemporary culture. The studio, wherever it may be, can be a space for experimentation, collaboration and human interaction.

Credit: Melodic Distraction

I’m currently working on a radio series for Melodic Distraction investigating the theoretical grounding of audiovisual cultures and the ongoing impact of commercialisation in artistic spaces. Caustic Soda, the name under which I operate creatively, is the name of the radio series.

Given the critical danger that music venues and other creative spaces face in the global pandemic, and largely thanks to weak government support, the radio series will investigate locations across Liverpool and the Wirral. Exploring their history and the challenging climate today, I will incorporate recorded conversation with diegetic sounds and contemporary music.

Check the archive for a list of the recent and not so recent radio shows that I’ve hosted or guested on - I’ll pop some of my favourite shows from the last few years in there too, when I get round to it.

Previous projects on the station include:

Transport 4 Lovers, a monthly radio series playing club-focused music informed by the urban sprawl. Visual identity by Chris Cooper.

Better Days, a late-morning radio show taking place on the fourth Sunday of the month. Often comforting, sometimes not, the radio series was my first long-term project. Visual identity by Chris Cooper.

Guest appearances on NTS Radio, Rinse FM, Netil Radio and UK Mondo.

Previously held the position of Studio Manager for Melodic Distraction.

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